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Finding an agency which is well experienced and reasonable to work with for start-up’s is an impossible task. The reason being most start-up’s end up building their own teams or spending tons of money on so-called larger agencies which neither value the start-up or provide them with the client servicing and hand holding a star-up requires.


eigital™, a digital agency built as a start-up with a quirky team that takes pride in thinking out-of-the-box; mentoring the needs of start-up’s and working to deliver solutions with the dreamers, creators and visualizers. eigital™ works on a global delivery model with professionals coming together as a team across 15 countries working on a common platform and delivering end to end branding, digital and mobile solutions.


ideaTree mentors and seed funds eigital™ since January 2013. Today, eigital™ is a successful agency with over 20 clients across the US, Middle East and India.

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