seed / engineer / mentor

To find a way to deliver content on First and Second Screen across the world but especially in Low bandwidth countries where last mile connectivity remains an issue and most users have no access to any entertainment due to remoteness of location, electricity downtime or capability to purchase expensive equipment. Global and regional entertainment creators like movie producers and studios face an uphill task curbing piracy and getting informed numbers on their contents demand globally. With the growth in demand for content and personalization becoming a reality more than ever before and explosion of high quality Mobile Phones, Tablets which can deliver high quality video over 3G and 4G networks and new forms of devices like Google Glass – an ecosystem is required to cater to this market.


Enter eFlix, a video on demand ecosystem with content as its primary driver. It has it all from Youtube MCN (multi-channel network), Hollywood & Bollywood Blockbusters to Personal Home Video’s, Google Glass Live Streams, Amateur Live Video Channels, Home Shopping Networks. eFlix covers the length and breath of content delivery, streaming millions of hours of live, pre-recorded and entertainment in multiple languages over multiple millions of first / second screens over 2G, 3G and 4G Networks, Cable, Wi-Fi and Broadband.


ideaTree mentors and seed funds eFlix to build a robust Video On Demand and Video Streaming platform with capability not only to stream content but also integrate with ePaisa’s payment gateway to pay utility bills, shop for goods and services at the comfort of your favorite seat.