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There are currently 50 million unresolved court cases in India with 20 million cases filed every year. Getting information and keeping yourself updated as a lawyer, defendant or plaintiff is a constant cat and mouse game. Lawyers shuffle between Court Rooms and Court Houses and there is no tool to help them manage the daily work load.


India is the 3rd fastest growing Apps market in the world with an estimated 75 billion Apps download with over 930 Million mobile users – enter mVakil, a app which incorporates real time court and case related data from the courts on iOS and Android compatible devices. A Subscriber can access their Court and Case related information and follow court cases real time.

mVakil displays information on a cases and allows subscribers to view details like court room no., Orders, Judgements, Set Reminders, Add Cases to your calendar, Follow a Lawyer or case, Search Daily Cause List & Pass Over details with one click.


ideaTree currently seed funds and mentors mVakil to help build UI/UX, develop the customer information and design the platform and servers to pull millions of court and case related records real time. →